SIEOC Offers Heating Assistance Program

Posted On October 30, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Aurora, Ind.) – Local families are being offered help with heating their homes this coming winter.


The Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation will take applications for the Energy Assistance program starting November 4. The program is a federally funded block grant offered through the US Department of Health & Human Services and administered through the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.


Residents in Dearbonr, Franklin, Ripley, Ohio, and Switzerland counties should contact the SIEOC officers in Aurora, 110 Importing Street, or Brookville, 528 Main Street, for more information. Interested residents can call (812) 926-1585 or toll free 888-292-5475. 


According to SIEOC, there are many items that are needed at the time of application, so please contact their office for more detailed information.  It is SIEOC’s busy time right now, so callers may need to leave their name and number for a return phone call.


A family of four making up to $35,325 a year can receive heating assistance. More income guidelines can be found below:


Number in Household               Monthly Income           Annual Income

                 1                                     $1,436.25                       $17,235.00

                 2                                       1,938.75                         23,265.00

                 3                                       2,441.25                         29,295.00

                 4                                       2,943.75                         35,325.00

                 5                                       3,446.25                         41,355.00

                 6                                       3,948.75                         47,385.00

                 7                                       4,451.25                         53,415.00

                 8                                       4,953.75                         59,445.00

For each additional member add:        502.50                           6,030.00