SIEOC Selected To Distribute 2016-17 IDA Tax Credits

Posted On July 14, 2017

Press release by Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation (SIEOC)

(Aurora, Ind.) – SIEOC is proud to announce that we have been selected by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to distribute 2016-2017 IDA tax credits.

Imagine making a $100 charitable contribution that also cuts your state tax bill by $50.

For every dollar invested in IDA tax credits, you receive 50 cents back in the form of a credit, against your state tax liability – plus, you can take up to the full federal deduction! In many cases, this means that each dollar of charitable giving costs less than 30 cents on the dollar!

For example:

$100.00 charitable donation

-$50.00 credit against your state tax

-$25.00 full federal deduction

$25.00 donation amount after deductions

Donations will fund SIEOC’s new Family Self Sufficiency program. This program will assist hard working, struggling Hoosier families in Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland, and Union counties to become more self sufficient and rely less on government subsidies.

Individuals, businesses or organizations interested in more information or purchasing tax credits through a donation to SIEOC’s Family Self Sufficiency Program please respond by July 28, 2018

For more information contact: SIEOC at (812)-926-1585 or dross@sieoc.org.