Not So Smooth Getaway For Alleged Burglar

Posted On June 11, 2014

By Mike Perleberg 

Luthor Robinson Boone County Sheriff's Office

Luthor Robinson
Boone County Sheriff’s Office

(Petersburg, Ky.) – An alleged burglar was perhaps intoxicated to the point of passing out when he was arrested near the scene of the crime Tuesday in Boone County.

Sheriff’s deputies were investigating reports of various campsites burglarized and damaged at Riverland Park on the 3800 block of Belleview Road. The stolen items included two guitars, a handgun, two flat screen televisions, a portable boom box, and a battery jump box. The damage included broken windows, kicked in doors, two jet skis sunken, and damaged boat controls.

The deputies asked victims to explore the surrounding area for signs of their stolen possessions, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Tom Scheben. One victim discovered stolen property in a tree line.

Not far from there, 35-year-old Luthor Robinson, who lives on the 6200 block of Petersburg Road, was found passed out, face-down in a corn field. Scheben said Robinson was in possession of some stolen items including the shorts he was wearing kept up with cable TV wire cut from one of the sites.

Robinson was arrested and charged with Burglary 1st degree, Burglary 2nd degree, Receiving Stolen Property (under $10,000), Criminal Mischief 1st degree, and Alcohol Intoxication.

Police expect to make two additional arrests in connection with the burglaries.