Snapperfest Opposition Plans Counter Event

Posted On June 11, 2012

(Ohio County, Ind.) – Controversy may be brewing already around the turtle-wrestling competition known as Snapperfest.


 An animal rights group is planning an alternative to the spectacle they call “turtle torture.”


The annual event held at Ohio County’s Campshore Campground stirred emotions nationwide last August when video of the competition which challenges people to pull a wild snapping turtle’s head from its shell went viral on the Internet.


The author of animal rights blog The Daily Maul, David A. Brensilver, has planned a counter event he is calling “Games of the Inbred Knuckle-Draggers.” Following 2011’s Snapperfest, Brensilver planned games such as “Bobbing for Snappers, Inbred Bed Race, and E. coli-Contaminated Cow-Pie Eating Contest.”


In a June 4 blog post, animal rights advocate Monty Gelstein said he has offered Brensilver property to host the event.


Gelstein’s blog goes on to say that Ohio County is a “Godforsaken part of the country.”


A request to Gelstein for a date, time or place for The Daily Maul’s counter event were not returned Monday.


A Campshore Campground employee said the venue is not sure if it will host the event again this coming August. Snapperfest had existed for more than a decade before it became national news in 2011 thanks to animal rights groups led by PETA.


Campground co-owner and Snapperfest organizer Tim Probst told Eagle 99.3 leading up to last year’s event that the turtles are not injured during the competition and are set free afterwards.




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