Solar Array Will Provide Power For SEI REMC Members

Posted On May 19, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

A solar array is under construction along Interstate 74 in Decatur County, which will provide one megawatt of electricity for Southeastern Indiana REMC and Deactur County REMC customers. Photo provided.

(Greensburg, Ind.) – Some of southeastern Indiana’s power will soon be provided by the sun.

Construction started in mid-April on a new, six-acre solar array off of Interstate 74 in Decatur County’s Washington Township, just east of Greensburg.

The one megawatt solar farm is part of an effort by Hoosier Energy to provide more renewable energy to Southeastern Indiana REMC and Decatur County REMC member consumers. Hoosier Energy is constructing a total of 10 solar array sites across the state, with seven already in operation.

Decatur County REMC CEO Brett Abplanalp said the new solar array represents an opportunity for Decatur County REMC and Southeastern REMC to obtain information on how the latest solar technology can provide electricity for member consumers.

“Participating in a larger scale project such as this helps cooperatives learn more about solar’s potential for our communities,” he said.

Southeastern REMC General Manager Keith Matthews said the project will allow the REMCs to learn how this variable energy resource integrates onto the grid and how solar might offset the need for other more costly energy resources.

The Decatur County solar array should be completed within 90 days from the start of construction.