Southwest Local Improves In State Report Card

Posted On September 20, 2017

Press release by Southwest Local School District

(Harrison, Oh.) – The Ohio Department of Education recently released its annual State Report card – with mostly good news for Southwest Local School District.

Last year’s State Report card had Southwest Local at an overall 2.17 GPA, which placed the school district 6 out of 22 districts in Hamilton County. This year’s State Report card, which covers the 2016-2017 school year, gives the district a 2.5 GPA, bumping SLSD up to 4th in the county. Comparing the 2015-16 and the 2016-17 school years, SLSD improved in Kindergarten-3rd grade literacy; gap closure; and the 4-year graduation rate. The district held steady in the progress category and met 7 out of 24 indicators.

“We’re pleased with the growth we’ve realized this past year and are working diligently to continue that progress,” says SLSD Superintendent John C. Hamstra. “I believe it’s worth noting that we are the only district to have a fourth year of straight A in the growth category. Yet, we know there is also room for improvement.”

He notes that he has implemented several district-wide goals to address those areas, such as “prepared for success” and the number of indicators met. “Our overall GPA of 2.5, up from 2.17 last year, is a reflection of our solid academic program, but that is not the whole picture,” Hamstra notes.

He adds, “Our annual Quality Profile contains – in addition to academics – other highlights, such as social growth, community service and student leadership. I encourage local residents to read through the profile to get a better understanding of all of the academic and social growth taking place in our schools.”

The Quality Profile is posted to the SLSD website at: http://www.southwestschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=174881&type=d&pREC_ID=1033622