State Police Cracking Down On Cigarette Tossers

Posted On July 18, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana State Police are hoping to snuff out the risk of negligent fires caused by drivers who toss their lit cigarettes out their car window.


Officers say the goal is to cut down on the number of grass fires popping up along interstates and busy roads. 


“The drought has created an extremely sensitive environmental climate that is particularly susceptible to burning materials. Several significant fires have already resulted,” said Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul Whitesell.


Under state law, drivers can be fined up to $10,000 if burning material is tossed from a moving vehicle, a Class A Infraction. The fine is reduced to $1,000 if it’s thrown from a stopped vehicle for littering, a Class B Infraction. 


As of Sunday, 85 Indiana counties have some type of active burn ban, according to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.