Stolen Gun Found Submerged In Ripley Co. Quarry

Posted On March 07, 2014

By Mike Perleberg



(Osgood, Ind.) – Police in Osgood say they have recovered a firearm that was stolen more than a year ago during a home burglary.

Indiana Conservation Office SCUBA Dive Team members found the stolen rifle at the bottom of the Osgood Quarry this week. Firefighters had to cut through four inches of ice in order for the divers to make the plunge into the 41 degree water.

Police learned from a witness to the burglaries last year that the stolen items were dumped in the quarry. Investigators say more stolen property could rest under the water there.

“These gentlemen helped us put closure on a year old burglary in our town, and we are very grateful for their risks and hard work,” said Osgood Marshal Eric Roush.

Agencies assisting conservation officers at the scene were Osgood Police Department, Osgood Fire and Rescue and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.