Stolen Safe Found At Bottom Of Brookville Lake

Posted On July 18, 2012

(Brookville, Ind.) – The suspect in a Brookville area burglary may have had a sinking feeling as he was being arrested, just the same as the safe he allegedly tossed into a lake.


In early June, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department investigated a burglary that took place at the Lakeshore Resort located near Brookville Reservoir.  Video surveillance caught the suspect in the act and gave detectives a good lead. 


Upon an interview the suspect confessed to the burglary and where he disposed of the stolen safe – in the reservoir.


Indiana Conservation Officers assisted the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department by recovering the safe in 56 feet of water off the Causeway Bridge. They used an underwater remote operated vehicle, known as a “ROV,” commonly seen in the movie “Titanic.”


Conservation office divers descended and recovered the safe which is now evidence in the case. 


“The duties of a Conservation Officer are widely varied commissioned with the responsibility of protecting the natural resources of Indiana.  Not only are they seen patrolling the woods and waters of Indiana they are also called upon during natural disasters and to assist other law enforcement agencies,” said conservation officer Corey Norrod.