Sunman Man Out Of Jail, Re-Arrested Same Day

Posted On April 13, 2012

(Madison, Ind.) – Prosecutors in Jefferson County want the bond of a Sunman man to be revoked.


James Emery, 44, was arrested February 6 for allegedly dealing cocaine in Madison.


Emery bonded out of the Jefferson County Jail on $10,000 on March 25. Later that same day, he was arrested for allegedly being drunk and using a cast on his arm to beat another man outside a Madison hotel, 95.3 WIKI reports.


Police alleged Emery’s BAC at the time of the alleged attack was .20. He was charged with Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct.


Prosecutors asked Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Ted Todd to revoke Emery’s bond because he had violated his terms of release.  Todd denied the request on Wednesday.


Emery’s attorney successfully argued that his client had already paid the high bond and Emery’s connections to the community should lower the risk of him fleeing.




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