Survey: 60% Against SW Local School Bond Issue

Posted On November 25, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Harrison, Oh.) – Southwest Local Schools may not seek to put a bond issue on the ballot in 2014 after seeing the results of a new survey.


Earlier this year, the Southwest Local Schools Board of Education ordered a survey of citizens in the district to gauge support for a facility project. The funds provided by the possible ballot issue would help renovate Harrison High School as well as build a new middle school and two or three new elementary schools.


“Buildings do not make up the entire educational package, but you do not have to look far: Ross, Three Rivers, Oak Hills, Mount Healthy, Edgewood, and Talawanda to see quite a major difference in the facilities in which students are being educated,” said Southwest Local Superintendent Chris Brown


Brown presented the survey results last week. It showed 60 percent of the 300 people asked said they were either somewhat against a potential bond issue or strongly against it. Thirty-eight percent were either strongly in favor or somewhat in favor. About three percent were undecided.


Brown said that based on the survey results, now is not the time to move forward with the facility upgrade plans.


“It is obvious from the results that we need to get out and engage the community. Beginning after the holidays, I will set meetings, in all buildings, to discuss further the results from the survey and ask what this community wants in regards to the future facilities of this district. Although the time may not be now, and this may not be the plan, we have to address the educational facilities of this district,” he said.


The surveys – which averaged 17 minutes in length – of people in the district provided other insights into education issues in Southwest Local Schools.  It found that 83 percent of all respondents rated the quality of education either excellent or good. The number marked an increase of 13 percent over a similar question asked in a 2006 survey.


Seventy-nine percent of the respondents rated the performance of the school board as positive.


“The news on satisfaction of the district was very encouraging,” Brown said. “For those positive assessments, we are very appreciative and we will continue to work every day to meet and exceed your expectations.”




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