Survey Says: SEI Adults Perceive Region As Unhealthy Place To Live

Posted On August 08, 2017

By Travis Thayer

(Cincinnati, Oh.) – Southeast Indiana adults are rating their region’s health lower than the rest of the tri-state area.

That’s according to the 2017 Community Health Status Survey (CHSS) released Tuesday by Interact for Health.

Only 27 percent of southeast Indiana adults perceive their region as a healthy place to live in 2017, up from 18 percent in 2013. Approximately 32 percent of Greater Cincinnati adults said the region was excellent or a very good place to live.

“Where people live affects their health,” says O’dell Moreno Owens, M.D., M.P.H., President/CEO of Interact for Health. “Living in a healthy region or neighborhood has a positive impact on personal and community health.”

Despite the overall perception of the region, southeast Indiana residents rated health of their own neighborhood higher than the adults in the rest of the region, 50 to 44 percent.

According to the survey, race and income play a role in perception of regional and neighborhood health.

The 2017 Community Health Status Survey (CHSS) was conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati for Interact for Health.

A total of 4,261 randomly selected adults residing in eight Ohio counties, nine Kentucky counties, and five Indiana counties were interviewed by telephone between August 10, 2016, and March 8, 2017.

To view the full survey, visit www.interactforhealth.org.