SUV Thief Tracked Down In Madison

Posted On July 21, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Madison, Ind.) – A vehicle stolen from the parking lot at Belterra Casino Resort & Spa has been recovered by police.

The suspected car thief, Everett C. Henry, 35, of Florence, was arrested on Sunday.

Madison Police say they received a complaint of a person attempting to sell suspicious items such as display model power tools with store locks on them. The tools were being sold from a silver Chevrolet Blazer.

Officers responded and later found the vehicle traveling on Clifty Drive near Cragmont Street in Madison. An officer followed the vehicle into the McDonald’s restaurant parking lot, where Henry got out and went into the fast food restaurant while leaving the SUV running.

A quick check of the vehicle’s license plate revealed that it was reported stolen while parked at Belterra Casino in Switzerland County.

The officer ran into the restaurant, where patrons pointed that the suspect had fled through the opposite side entrance and was running west. The alleged thief reportedly attempted to get into a vehicle waiting in the drive through.

The suspect continued on foot to a nearby Papa John’s Pizza restaurant where police took him into custody.

Video surveillance footage was collected at McDonald’s and Papa John’s, Madison Police said.