Switzerland Co. Reaches Settlement In Riverboat Revenue Dispute

Posted On December 14, 2015

By Mike Perleberg


(Switzerland County, Ind.) – A settlement concerning casino revenue has been reached between Switzerland County and neighboring Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Commissioners voted to sue its neighbor in July after Switzerland County failed to send riverboat revenue for economic development. The lawsuit alleged that Jefferson County suffered damages after they were not given 10 percent of Switzerland County’s riverboat funding in the second and third quarters of this year. The revenue sharing was outlined in a 2007 agreement.

Switzerland County Commissioners chose to stop the payments following Jefferson County’s decision to end a contract with the Madison Jefferson County Industrial Development Corporation. Switzerland County officials filed an interpleader complaint with a judge in May due to conflicting claims for the gaming funds from Jefferson County and the MJCIDC.

The dispute is now being put to rest. Switzerland County Commissioners signed a settlement agreement on November 20, The Madison Courier reports. It was signed by their counterparts in Jefferson County on December 7.

As part of the settlement, Switzerland County will send $50,000 in economic development funding to Jefferson County within 10 days of it being signed by both parties. Switzerland will also continue to honor the 2007 contract as long as Jefferson County uses the money for economic development purposes.

In turn, Jefferson County will dismiss its lawsuit. However, the agreement does allow Jefferson County Commissioners to continue to pursue the claims for damages, attorney’s fees, expenses and costs against them as outlined in the July lawsuit.


Jeff Co. Files Gaming Revenue Sharing Lawsuit Against Switz Co.