Switzerland Co. Teacher Running For President

Posted On November 04, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Denny Jackson is an official write-in candidate for president in Indiana and Kentucky. Photo provided.

(Switzerland County, Ky.) – If you cannot bring yourself to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, why not vote for Denny Jackson?

The Switzerland County High School teacher is an official write-in candidate for president in 10 states, including Indiana and Kentucky.

“My students asked ‘Why don’t you run for president?’ I thought I’d do it for kicks and giggles,” Jackson tells Eagle Country 99.3.

Jackson, 64, has been teaching at Switzerland County High School for 38 years. A class exercise to illustrate the election process, he hopes students will be inspired to run for public office in the future.

“This is the most interested I’ve seen students get in the election,” he shares.

His name won’t be printed on the ballots in any of the states where he is registered as an official write-in option. He’s one of 15 write-in candidates in Indiana. All he had to do to get registered in Indiana was get 11 signatures from Indiana electoral college delegates promising to vote for him if he were to miraculously win the state on November 8. It was free to register in Indiana. In Kentucky, it cost him $50. He began the process last December.

He admits he has no shot at actually winning the White House. Jackson, however, does expect to receive a few votes from his family, friends, and students – if they are old enough to vote. Will his wife vote for him?

“She better,” Jackson quipped.

He also plans to vote for himself. Jackson, who describes himself as a moderate “Raegan Democrat”, believes he’s more likable than the better-known candidates, Trump and Clinton.

And who’s to say Jackson doesn’t stand a chance? After all, he has won an executive office election before. He is currently the mayor of tiny Milton, Kentucky.

Jackson has not actively campaigned. “I’ve not raised a nickel,” he says.

Still, some Switzerland County High School students have created “Vote Denny For President” t-shirts for him.

You can follow Jackson’s lesson in elections on the “Elect Denny C. Jackson for President  of the United States” Facebook page.

Here is a list of the registered write-in presidential candidates in Indiana. Their party affiliation is noted in parenthesis:

Darrell L. Castle (Constitution)

Jill Stein (Green)

Richard Duncan (Ind)

Joseph Maldonado (Ind)

Cherunda Fox (Ind)

Laurence Kotlikoff (Ind)

Ray C. Brown (Ind)

Melissa L. Kelly (Ind)

Denny C. Jackson (Ind)

“Rocky” Roque De La Fuenta (Ind)

Matthew (None of the Above) Roberts (Ind)

Tom Hoefling (Ind)

Ric Mullis (Ind)

Emidio Soltysik (Socialist)

Monica Moorehead (Workers)