Sworn In: Joe Johns Is The New Judge Of Lawrenceburg City Court

Posted On February 19, 2016

By Travis Thayer


New Lawrenceburg City Court Judge Joseph Johns being sworn in by Superior Court II Judge Sally McLaughlin. Photo by Travis Thayer, Eagle Country 99.3.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A handful of family and friends convened at the Dearborn County Courthouse Friday afternoon to see Joseph Johns be sworn in as the new Judge of Lawrenceburg City Court.

Johns, an attorney at Votaw & Schwarz Law in Lawrenceburg, will take over the city court’s bench that was left empty when Judge Charles “Chuck” Evans, fresh off a successful re-election, suffered a stroke and passed away in December.

“Judge Evans spent his career serving this community in different facets, and carried that on to become the Judge of Lawrenceburg City Court. I believe service to your community and helping others is one of the most important things that you can be proud of. By being able to fill Chuck’s vacancy I can continue his legacy of service,” Johns said.

Johns, who usually is the one giving council, was given council from his family and fiance when considering becoming the new city judge.

“I knew they were hard-pressed to have a judge on the bench, and I started thinking about possibly assuming that role, and I spoke with my family and my fiance and we determined it would be a neat opportunity to have,” Johns said.

It all came to fruition on Friday when Superior Court II Judge Sally McLaughlin had the honor of swearing in Judge Johns.

“It’s surreal, I’m happy to be able to serve this community, and I never expected to be able to fill a judge position,” said Johns.


Attorney Johns Appointed Lawrenceburg City Court Judge