The Naked Truth: Man Guilty of Public Indecency

Posted On July 27, 2012

Billy Luke

Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center

(Dillsboro, Ind.) – Exposing himself to employees of a business next to his home has a Dillsboro man facing up to four years behind bars following his conviction.


Billy Luke was arrested last February on allegations that he would stand in the buff at a window in his grandmother’s apartment where he lived. Female employees ages 17 to 27 coming to and from a neighboring pharmacy had witnessed the act on multiple occasions as the window overlooked the employee parking lot.


The women weren’t the only observers. Dillsboro Police officers conducted surveillance following the victims’ complaints and observed the same behavior.


Luke was charged with four counts of Public Indecency (Class A misdemeanor). He took his case to a jury trial in Dearborn Superior Court I this week.


“In graphic testimony, the victims told the jury how Luke would appear nude in front of his bedroom window, at times fondling himself as they were coming or going to work. Luke’s bedroom window overlooked the employee parking lot,” said Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard.


Luke’s defense attorney, Alan Miller, argued that the incidents took place inside Luke’s apartment, which was not a public place.


Jurors took only 30 minutes to return guilty verdicts on all four counts. Luke could receive up to one year on each of the four counts when he is sentenced August 3.


Prosecutors said Luke was on probation at the time he exposed himself. He has been held at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center since his arrest on probation violation.


Negangard thanked the officers and prosecutors who worked to bring Luke to justice, as well as the young victims for having the courage to testify.