They Got ‘Em: Alleged Bright Thieves In Custody

Posted On July 26, 2013

Tony Lou Davis (left) and Brian Becker

Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center



Tony Lou Davis (left) and Brian Becker in surveillance photos at around the time the allegedly used credit cards stolen during a series of vehicle break-ins in Bright.

Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit


(Bright, Ind.) – Detectives with the Dearborn-Ohio Counties Special Crimes Unit have arrested two men in connection with a series of 16 vehicle break-ins in Bright over the past couple weeks.


On Tuesday, police arrested Tony Lou Davis, 32, of Bright. Then on Thursday, Brian Becker, 55, of Cincinnati, was arrested.


The break-ins occurred July 12-13, again July 17-18, and once more July 22-23 at homes on Blasdel Drive, Memorial Drive, Strother Drive, Brightwood Drive, Redwood Drive, and Oak Ridge Drive. Items including handguns, a television, GPS units, golf clubs, clothes, keys, and more were taken in the thefts targeting unlocked vehicles. So were credit cards, which the alleged thieves then used to purchase gas.


According to a publicly filed search warrant, it was that stolen credit card activity which led the SCU to conduct surveillance at the Warsaw Food Mart in Cincinnati – where the stolen cards had previously been used – on July 23. Recognizing from surveillance video a suspect arriving at the store, the detectives confronted Becker.


Becker told the investigators that he had received the stolen credit cards from Davis. More stolen cards were found in Becker’s vehicle.


The suspect told detectives that Davis was living at the Bright Apartments. Detectives went to the apartment and observed some of the stolen items in plain view. Davis was taken into custody.


Becker later told detectives that he believed Davis had traded the stolen handgun to a drug dealer in Ohio for heroin.


Both Davis and Becker are held in jail at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center awaiting their initial court appearance on 16 counts of Theft and four counts of Fraud on a Financial Institution, said Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. Each charge is a Class D felony.


The prosecutor called the case another example of interagency cooperation and exceptional police work.


“From the officers who were first on the scene to the investigators everyone worked hard to solve this rash of criminal activity. Detectives Shane McHenry, Carl Pieczonka and Rodney Rimstidt whose hard work brought an end to this crime spree should be commended for their excellent investigation,” Negangard said.


The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit is working with the victims in Bright to get the recovered stolen belongings back to the rightful owners.




UPDATE: More Vehicle Thefts In Bright