Three Teens Charged As Adults For Drug Robbery; Victim Among Accused In Retaliation

Posted On April 18, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Brian Newton, 19, is the only adult out of seven people charged for two robberies in Lawrenceburg on April 1. Photo by Dearborn County Sheriff’s Dept.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Seven teens are facing various charges after an armed robbery and retaliatory action – all over two ounces of marijuana.

Lawrenceburg Police were called to investigate the incident at a home on Edgewood Drive on Friday, April 1. An innocent third party told police that several of his friends showed up at his house while his mother was at work.

According to court documents, three 17-year-old males allegedly contacted another teen they knew who would sell them marijuana. When the juvenile dealer came to the residence to sell to the trio, they allegedly robbed and beat him. One of the attackers allegedly held a shotgun during the robbery.

The resident of the home was outside during the robbery, police say.

After getting the two ounces of marijuana, the three attackers and the robbery victim all left the home. The resident stayed home, only for four teens he did not recognize to later arrive at his home and force their way inside. One of them was allegedly the victim of the initial robbery.

Police say the robbery victim took several items including the resident’s Playstation 4 and Beats headphones from his bedroom. The other intruders made sure the resident remained on the couch in the living room.

After the group of unknown teens left, the resident called police.

Investigators reviewed phone records which allegedly showed the three teens accused in the first robbery and beating had been texting and calling the pot-dealing victim.

Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard tells Eagle Country 99.3 that the three teens accused in the first attack have each been charged in adult court with Robbery While Armed with a Deadly Weapon (level 3 felony), Conspiracy to Commit Robbery (level 3 felony), and Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury (level 5 felony).

“It’s a direct file case, which means that juvenile court doesn’t have jurisdiction because of the nature of the offense and their age. By statute, even though they are under 18, they are treated as adults based on their crime,” Negangard says.

While the teens are named in court documents, Eagle Country 99.3 won’t publish their names due to their ages under 18.

Three other teens and one adult involved in the retaliatory robbery have also been charged. The three juveniles are charged in juvenile court, but Negangard said he will seek to have those three waived to adult court.

The lone adult charged in the retaliation is Brian Newton. The 19-year-old is charged with Burglary (level 4 felony), Conspiracy to Commit Burglary (level 4 felony), Robbery (level 5 felony), and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery (level 5 felony).