Today In History: Carrollton Bus Crash

Posted On May 14, 2012
Carrollton Bus Crash

Carrollton bus crash

(Carrollton, Ky.) – Today is the 24th anniversary of the worst crash in Kentucky history.


It was May 14, 1988 when 27 people were killed in the Carrollton bus crash. Thirty-four more were injured.


A pickup truck going the wrong way on Interstate 71 collided head-on with a bus full of members of the Radcliff First Assembly of God Church as they made their way home from Kings Island.


The bus exploded into flames when the fuel tank ruptured.


The driver of the pickup, Larry Mahoney, was found to be drunk at the time. He finished serving a 10 year, 11 month prison sentence in 1999.


A permanent memorial sign remains at the site of the crash on I-71.


The Carrollton bus crash remains among the deadliest auto accidents in United States history, second only to the Yuba City bus disaster in California twelve years earlier.