Township Trustee Candidate Arrested

Posted On April 21, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(West Harrison, Ind.) – A Dearborn County political candidate is in jail accused of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.

Dennis “Denny” Winia was arrested following a reported accident on Losecamp Road, just off Jamison Road, in West Harrison Saturday evening. A Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department activity report listing the accident did not indicate any injuries involved.

The 47-year-old Bright resident remains in jail Monday morning on a charge of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (Class A misdemeanor).

Winia, a Dearborn County deputy coroner, is one of two Republican candidates in the May 6 primary election for Harrison Township Trustee in Dearborn County.

Bbrother watchingDC
Bbrother watchingDC

DC arrested a Republican.... HA HA that's a joke!! 1 of 2 things .. either he posses democrat tendencies kinda like a catholic eating lox on a bagel or or this man is not their kind of republican ... Having said that, most republicans in DC look constipated or maybe they just walk a little too crooked. If u like this thought I am at bananas nite club on Mondays Thank u Thank u very much!!!



How can he be trustee when he can't take care of his own responsibilities. $75 a week he was ordered by Hamilton County Court to pay. The child will be 3 in Sept and he hasn't paid a dime. On top of that the child has medicaid for insurance and he is an emt/fireman/deputy coroner? One who doesn't pay for the welfare of his child. He's been driving a van for two years that I know of on fictitious tags. He would fit right into an elected seat.