Traffic Stops Topped Dearborn County Police Activities In 2013

Posted On April 08, 2014

By Katlyn Reece

sheriff-cruiser-side-logo.jpg(Dearborn County, Ind.) – Whether you call it ensuring the safety of the motoring public or revenue enhancement, traffic stops were the most frequent call for police agencies in Dearborn County in 2013.

On Monday, the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department released data  which tallies each type of call, report, or investigation carried out or responded to by law enforcement agencies across the county last year.


The sheriff’s department was by far the busiest agency in the county with a total of 8,472 incidents in 2013. In the lead was traffic stops at 1,328. The second most occurring incident was title checks at 809. Citizen assistance came in third at 587. Coming in fourth was alarms at 556. Crashes with property damage came in last at 527.

The Aurora Police Department reports a total of 5,265 incidents in 2013. Traffic stops came in first again with 1,966 incidents. Second was citizen assistance at 301. There were 278 reports of theft, 254 incidents where vehicles needed unlocking, and 209 crashes with property damage.

Just over 900 incidents are listed for the Dillsboro Police Department. Traffic stops came in first again with 544 reported incidents. Citizen assistance was listed second with 59. There were 32 reports of title checks. Theft was reported 28 times. There were 26 incidents where a K-9 officer was deployed.

The Greendale Police Department reported 5,474 incidents last year. Coming in first was traffic stops at 1,207. There were 366 reports of motorists needing assistance. In third place came Greendale EMS calls with 357 occurring. More than 250 citizens needed assistance. Coming in fifth was 158 suspicious vehicle reports.

The Hidden Valley Lake Rangers reported 1,104 incidents. Citizen assistance came in first for a change with 254 incidents. Traffic stops followed close behind with 222 incidents reported. There were 143 title checks. Alarms were next with 87 incidents reported. The fifth most occurring incident concerned animal problems with 52 reported problems.

There were over 6,200 incidents reported by the Lawrenceburg Police Department. Following Hidden Valley’s trend citizen assistance came in first with 1,477 incidents occurring. There were 1,327 traffic stops. Crashes with property damage occurred 382 times. Thefts were reported 329 times. There were 307 reports of alarms.

The Moores Hill Police Department reported only 116 incidents in 2013. Traffic stops took back the lead with 45 incidents. Citizen assistance dropped back down to second with only 12 reported incidents. There were only 8 reports of theft. Domestic violence was reported five times. The fifth most occurring incidents were alarms, drugs, juvenile crime, and mischief each with 4 reported incidents.

The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit reported 166 incidents in 2013. Drugs came in first with 45 incidents reported. Crimes against children occurred 39 times. The Special Crimes Unit assisted other agencies 11 times. There were 10 reports of theft and 7 reports of burglary.

The St. Leon Police Department reported only 261 incidents that occurred in 2013. Traffic stops came in first again with 129 stops. Coming second again was citizen assistance with 42 incidents. Crashes with property damage came in third with 18 reported incidents. Theft and title check came in fourth with 10 reported incidents each. Fifth most common were alarms with eight reported incidents.

The West Harrison Police Department only reported 103 incidents in 2013. Traffic stops also came in first there with 31 reported incidents. Citizen assistance was second again with 16 incidents. Alarm came in third with 15 counts. Agency assistance and theft tied for fourth with five reports each. ​