Truck Driver Gets $500 Fine, Loses License For Fatal Crash

Posted On March 31, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Brandon Wilson and Deja Morris died in a crash on Interstate 24 in Tennessee on June 13, 2013. file photo

Brandon Wilson and Deja Morris died in a crash on Interstate 24 in Tennessee on June 13, 2013.
file photo

(Rutherford County, Tenn.) – It may be little solace for the families of the victims, but a Kentucky truck driver has been fined for a fiery crash in Tennessee that killed a couple from Dearborn County.

Deja Morris, 25, and Brandon Wilson, 28, were stopped in a traffic jam on Interstate 24 near Murfreesboro on June 13, 2013 as they headed for a weekend of fun and music at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

That’s when a semi driven by Stacy Colvin failed to stop and plowed into the traffic. Morris and Wilson’s vehicle burst into flames. They died at the scene. Several other people from southeast Indiana travelling in separate vehicles were injured.

On Friday, Colvin, of Campbellsville, Kentucky, was in Rutherford County, Tennessee court, The Murfreesboro Post reports. A judge found him guilty of Failing to Yield and Exercise Due Care, a misdemeanor.

Last December, a grand jury in Rutherford County previously declined to indict Colvin on criminal charges, despite family members best efforts to seek more serious consequences for the trucker.

Colvin was fined the maximum $500 and his driver’s license was suspended for one year. The judge also urged Colvin to write a letter of apology to the victims’ families.

“I really am sorry,” Colvin told Deja Morris’ mother, Sue Morris, during the hearing. “I’m up all night. It’s got me all messed up.”

Sue Morris said she was glad that Colvin apologized.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to meet,” Morris said, according to The Post.

Wilson’s family has continued to be active on the “Remembering Brandon Wilson and Deja Morris” Facebook page. They posted this statement late Sunday night:

“As you may know, we went to Tenn. again. DA General Bill Whitesell and Sgt. Alan Brennis fought for us and we got the maximum penalty allowed by law. First , I would like to thank the DA and the Sgt…..they were ******. We are proud to call them our friends. They went above and beyond what we had expected. Second, I must thank the media for their support. They helped us along through every step. Third, we have to thank everyone who supports us…..if you got a late night drunk call from me, I especially thank you…..I really do. We can not do this without all of you. Every memory shared, every text, every message, every visit means so much to us. And last, we met a large group of bikers and also a group of loggers in Tenn., all of whom shared their sympathy with us…the loggers even made me a chair from a chunk of wood with D loves B on it…..Tenn. is not a bad place….it’s not the people there who failed us, it’s the system that failed us…We will always be heartbroken, we will always feel lost, but the people we met in Tenn. stood strong for us…..Rest In Serenity Brandon Matthew and Deja Marie….we love you to infinity and beyond…..”


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