Two Oldenburg Academy Teachers Sent Off With Heartfelt Tributes

Posted On May 31, 2016


Deborah Whitehair, left and Alice (Janey) Stephens, right. Photo provided.

(Oldenburg, Ind.) – Two extraordinary educators at Oldenburg Academy were sent off with heartfelt tributes from their current students.

Mrs. Alice (Janey) Stephens and Mrs. Deborah Whitehair were honored during the all school Awards Ceremony on May 20. Both are retiring at the end of the school year.

Each educator received a bouquet of flowers, an engraved brick with their years of service to be added to the front circle, and a touching tribute read by their current students.

“Mrs. Whitehair is caring. She is attentive, genuine, devoted and patient,” said junior Margaret Glaser. “These qualities help me conclude that she is one of the most diligent teachers that anyone has come across.”

Glaser added that Mrs. Whitehair had the ability to engrave Shakespeare into the minds of teenagers, as well as, the ability to perfectly summarize all of United States history into two 18 week semesters.

Mrs. Whitehair, who has taught AP U.S. History and English, came to Oldenburg Academy in 2004 after a career as a freelance writer and editor.

“There is no better way to learn than by teaching,” said Mrs. Whitehair. “My students always help me to see the world in a new way.”

Mrs. Stephens, who began teaching English at Oldenburg Acadmeny in 2002, was also honored with kind words.

“We can also thank Mrs. Stephens for opening our minds, saving our grammar, bettering our essays, changing our perspectives, and so much more,” said senior Audrey Osterling. “Therefore on behalf of the OA community, I would like to say it has truly been a blessing having Mrs. Stephens as a teacher and we know she leaves here with big shoes to fill.

“Teaching has been an incredibly rewarding career, and I’m grateful for the privilege of teaching at Oldenburg Academy,” said Mrs. Stephens.