Tyke May Have Saved Grandmother’s Life

Posted On February 18, 2014

By Katlyn Reece

Bristol Cone provided

Bristol Cone

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – Four-year-old Bristol Cone saved her 84-year-old great grandmother by bringing her the phone. ​

On January 17, young Bristol was getting ready for a nap when her great grandmother, Evelyn Cone, collapsed from a stroke.

Evelyn tried to crawl to a phone but was unable to. There was no one else at the Rising Sun home to help but Bristol and a 7-month-old infant.

When Bristol heard Evelyn fall to the floor she asked if she needed a doctor. Evelyn asked Bristol to bring her the phone. While Evelyn called 911 Bristol held the phone for her and rubbed her great grandmother’s arm.

“We call her our little hero,” said Nancy Cone, Bristol’s grandmother, who had just left for work when the stoke incapacitated her mother.

Nancy does not know what would have happened to her mother if Bristol had not been there to help Evelyn. Her husband and son were due home from work in about 20 minutes.

Evelyn Cone was hospitalized and treated for a brain bleed. She came home February 13 and continues to recover, participating in therapy three times weekly.