UPDATE: Bail Denied For Aurora Man Accused Of Murder

Posted On July 31, 2017

Terry Storey appears for a preliminary hearing in Dearborn County Court on July 31. Photo by Travis Thayer, Eagle Country 99-3.

The man accused of killing one and seriously injuring another has been denied bail.

Terry Storey, 55, of Aurora, was in court Monday afternoon after being charged with the Murder of Brittany Black, 30, and the Attempted Murder of her husband, Kyle, 37.

While the charges were being read, Storey frequently interrupted Circuit Court Judge James Humphrey, saying “How can you charge someone for something I didn’t do.”

Storey went on to say he didn’t have a shotgun, and he didn’t shoot anybody – “It didn’t happen.”

Prosecutor Lynn Deddens presented testimony that contradicted Storey’s story. Deddens called Indiana State Police officer and Lead Investigator Brian Earls to the stand. Earls, a nine-year veteran, described the horror of the crime scene, in addition to detailing a report on a 12-gauge shotgun and 12-gauge slugs that were found in Storey’s home.

Earls stated that the gun was loaded with a live round, and “smelled” as if if were recently fired. When asked about the slugs found in the victims’ yard, Earls stated that they appeared to match those that were found in Storey’s home.

In addition, shell casings were allegedly found in Storey’s trash, which prompted an additional charge of Obstructing Justice (level 6 felony).

The court also heard of a brief conversation Earls had with Kyle Black in the hospital. Although heavily sedated, Kyle was able to tell Earls that he and his wife had previous run-ins with Storey several years ago about property line, but nothing recently.

However, Storey allegedly mentioned property lines (see below) while he was being taken into custody.

The prosecution continued on by sharing Storey’s criminal history that includes Disorderly Conduct, Intimidation, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Recklessness, Possession of Marijuana and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

Based on the evidence shown by the state, Storey was denied bail. If convicted, Storey could face up to 85 years behind bars on the Murder and Attempted Murder charges alone.

Storey will be back in court on October 3 at 8:00 a.m. for a pre-trial hearing.


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