UPDATE: SEI Mexican Restaurants Raided

Posted On September 24, 2012

Indiana State Excise Police detain suspects inside a van outside of the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant location in Lawrenceburg Monday afternoon.

Mike Perleberg-Eagle 99.3



Mike Perleberg-Eagle 99.3


Update posted at 1:28 p.m.:


Indiana State Excise Police are continuing the carry out warrants throughout southeast Indiana.


More than 100 warrants are being served as part of an 18-month investigation into the use of fraudulent and stolen Social Security numbers, money laundering and theft surrounding Acapulco Mexican Restaurtant locations.


An eyewitness stated that at least four people were seen being taken out of the restaurant in Rising Sun in handcuffs.


According to Eagle 99.3 archives, Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant was named the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2011. The restaurant chain is owned by Adolpho Lopez.




Original story posted at 12:23 p.m.:


(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – More than 100 arrest warrants are being served Monday at more than a dozen southeast Indiana homes and restaurants.


Indiana State Excise Police say that officers are currently serving search warrants at 13 businesses and four residences in eight cities across Indiana. The locations include:


Acapulco #6 Mexican Restaurant, 1044 State Road 229 North, Batesville, Ind.

Acapulco #3 Mexican Restaurant, 301 Margaret Street, Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Acapulco #5 Mexican Restaurant, 147-149 Main Street, Rising Sun, Ind.

Acapulco #8 Mexican Restaurant, 301 North 2nd Street, Aurora, Ind.

Acapulco #11 Mexican Restaurant, 1006 South Adams Street, Versailles, Ind.

Two undisclosed residences in Lawrenceburg, Ind.

An undisclosed residence in Lafayette, Ind.

An undisclosed residence in Batesville, Ind.


They are also searching the offices of a tax-preparation service in Greenwood, Ind., two banks in Lafayette, Ind., and five other banks in southeast Indiana.


Investigators say the raids are an 18 month investigation into the use of fraudulent and stolen Social Security Numbers. Officers are looking for evidence of corrupt business influence, money laundering, forgery, perjury, identity deception and theft.


A person who witnessed the raids in Lawrenceburg recounted what he saw.


“The police were chasing what appeared to be illegals out the back door as I drove by. And then as I got around to the other side of town, more excise police were raiding a house by the Proximo shipping warehouse. The front door was kicked in and you could see a bunch of beds inside,” the witness told Eagle 99.3.


Excise officers are being assisted throughout their investigation by the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrenceburg Police Department and the Indiana Department of Revenue.