Voter Rolls Clean Up Effort Finds 700K+ Registrations Innacurate

Posted On August 12, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

indiana-votes-2014-graphic-300px-01302014(Indianapolis, Ind.) – More than 700,000 voter registrations across Indiana have been marked as inactive by the Indiana Secretary of State.

Connie Lawson is trying to clean up the state’s voter rolls, required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. After 4.4 million postcards were mailed in May asking Hoosier voters to update their voter registration information, another 755,848 postcards were sent out in June.

About 47,493 of those voters responded by updating their registration by the July 24 due date. However, another 450,208 cards came back to Lawson’s office as undeliverable.

Names were marked “inactive” if the postcards were returned as undeliverable or not returned by the due date. Those registrations will remain valid as long as the person casts a vote before or during the November 2016 general election. If there is any discrepancy, there are electronic records of each card and the counties will have access to the hard copies.


“I am committed to protecting the voting process here in Indiana by making sure that each county has accurate voter registration lists,” said Lawson. “We’ve been able to identify 731,585 records that either needed updating or were no longer valid. By updating these records or adding them to the inactive list, we are one step closer to getting a more accurate picture of voter turnout and protecting the integrity of our elections.”

Lawson stressed that there is still work to be done in paring down the voter rolls.

Southeast Indiana had its share of inaccurate registrations, according to data provided by the Secretary of State’s Office. In Ripley County, between 16 and 20 percent of voter registrations were identified as inaccurate. Dearborn, Ohio, and Switzerland county saw between 10 and 16 percent of registrations noted as inaccurate. Franklin County was the best in the area with less than 10 percent of registrations on the roll called inaccurate.

Thirteen counties statewide had inaccuracies in more than 20 percent of registrations.

Voters can check on and update their registration information at www.IndianaVoters.com, a website by the Indiana Secretary of State.