Website: Indiana Is 29th Best Run State

Posted On December 11, 2017

(Undated) – Indiana is in the middle of the pack when it comes to the best and worst run states in America.

A new report from 24/7 Wall Street that was released over the weekend ranks Indiana as the 29th best run state in the country.

The report stated that Indiana is overly dependent on its once-strong manufacturing sector.

“American manufacturing has been in decline for decades, and currently, some 18.8% of workers in Indiana are employed in manufacturing jobs, the largest share of any state. Over-reliance on a single industry can make an economy more susceptible to economic downturns. Despite its dependence on manufacturing, Indiana’s economy appears to be stronger than most. Only 4.4% of the state’s labor force was out of a job in 2016, below the 4.9% U.S. annual unemployment rate.”

Indiana’s ranking was propped up by the state’s Aaa/Stable credit rating and outlook.

Ohio was 31st and Kentucky is ranked the 40th worst run state in America. Michigan is the only Indiana-neighboring state that’s ranked higher at 16.