Whitewater Township Voters Pass Fire, EMS Levy

Posted On March 16, 2016

By Travis Thayer


(Whitewater Township, Oh.) – Whitewater Township residents took to the ballot box to vote in presidential primaries Tuesday, but an important tax levy was also on the ballot.

Township residents voted in favor of a 5.37 mill permanent property tax levy that would generate about $600,000 each year for operating expenses of the Whitewater Township Fire Department.

The tax levy passed 62 to 38 percent.

The levy will also increase property taxes in the township by $187 per year on every $100,000 in valuation. 

According to Whitewater Township FIRE/EMS Chief Scott Schorsch, the levy will pay for operation expenses. He added that while the funds could be used to build a new building this was not the intent for this levy and was presented to the community the funds were not for a new building.

The fire levy is the first to be passed in Whitewater Township since 1996.


Whitewater Township Fire, EMS Levy On The Ballot Tuesday