Woman Leaves Crash With Injured Passenger

Posted On April 25, 2012

(Laurel, Ind.) – A Franklin County woman fled a crash scene in her wrecked car with an injured passenger inside, leaving behind another passenger who was ejected last Friday.


Sheriff’s deputies allege Stephanie McKinney, 40, was intoxicated when she crashed her car into a tree on U.S. 52 in Laurel late last Friday night.


A backseat passenger, David Morgan, was ejected and the front seat passenger, 80-year-old Henry Clay Hunter, was seriously injured. That did not stop McKinney from allegedly leaving the scene in the wrecked car.


Laurel Firefighters responding to the scene witnessed McKinney fleeing and followed her to a home in Laurel where she was later arrested.


Hunter was taken to Rush County Hospital in critical condition. He was later transferred to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.


Morgan refused treatment at the crash scene.


McKinney is charged with OVI Causing Serious Bodily Injury and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.