Women Allegedly Provided Drugs Used In Fatal Overdose

Posted On May 08, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Rhonda Hoffman Dearborn County Sheriff's Dept.

Rhonda Hoffman
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Dept.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A fatal heroin overdose has resulted in reckless homicide charges being filed against two area women.

Rhonda Sue Hoffman, 44, of Versailles, and Kira Davidson were charged April 30 in Dearborn Superior Court I with Reckless Homicide (Class C felony); Dealing in a Schedule I, II or III Controlled Substance (Class B felony); Dealing in a Narcotic Drug (Heroin) (Class B felony); and Maintaining a Common Nuisance (Class D felony).

According to the court affidavit filed by Greendale Police investigators, 30-year-old Jason Johnson died at University of Cincinnati Medical Center on January 19, less than a day after he was found suffering from a heroin overdose at his home on Whispering Woods Drive in Greendale in the early morning hours of January 18.

The Hamilton County, Ohio Coroner’s office determined that Johnson had a BAC of .15, heroin, and the painkiller Fentanyl in his body. The dangerous combination contributed to his cause of death.

Officers arriving at the home following the emergency call found a loaded syringe, a spoon with residue on it, and a Suboxone tablet in the bathroom where Johnson was found. The victim’s cell phone was also seized.

Investigators were told by Johnson’s parents – who claimed their son was a recovering heroin addict – that he had been dropped off by his father at a home on Doughty Road in Lawrenceburg on January 17. According to the affidavit, Jason claimed it was the home of his girlfriend’s mother. It was actually Hoffman’s residence.

Johnson later met up with his girlfriend. She told detectives that he seemed a little “off” and that Jason had told her he was “pre-partying” at the Doughty Road house. They went to a movie before Johnson returned home.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the Hoffman residence. Inside they found Hoffman, her boyfriend, and a cut plastic straw containing heroin. Testing of heroin found in Johnson’s pants pocket and the heroin found on the cut straw at Hoffman’s home were a similar mix of heroin, Fentanyl, and the non-controlled substance diphenhydramine, commonly known as Benadryl.

Police also confiscated the couple’s cell phone. Second and third search warrants were signed allowing Greendale investigators to review the text messages and phone calls made using Johnson and Hoffman’s phones. A text conversation between Hoffman and a suspected drug dealer in Cincinnati revealed that she allegedly purchased heroin from that dealer on January 16 and again the following day. She would later admit to investigators her participation in the drug deals.

Hoffman allegedly used a food stamp card as payment to the heroin dealer. She denied receiving money from Johnson to purchase the drug.

Hoffman admitted to giving Johnson a Suboxone tablet, a medicine prescribed for treating opioid dependence.

The death investigation turned to Davidson when she texted Johnson’s phone after it had been confiscated by police as Johnson was dying in the hospital. She allegedly asked if Johnson wanted “subs” or Suboxone.

In a later interview with detectives, Davidson admitted to supplying Suboxone to Johnson in the past.

“Kira stated she was giving Jason Suboxone (a handful of times) so he would not use heroin,” investigators wrote in the affidavit.

She also admitted to giving Suboxone to Hoffman about two weeks before Johnson’s overdose.

The Cincinnati drug dealer who sold the heroin that Johnson overdosed on was identified as Peter James McGee, Jr. The 36-year-old was charged in Hamilton County on February 28 with Trafficking in Drugs, Possession of Drugs, and Having Weapons While Under Disability.

Davidson told Greendale detectives that the heroin McGee has allegedly sold has led to several overdoses in southeast Indiana, including herself.

Hoffman was arrested on her warrant on Wednesday. No record of Davidson’s arrest could be located Thursday.