“Women Armed And Ready” Hosts Organizational Meeting Tues.

Posted On May 05, 2014

By Mike Perleberg


The new group Women Armed and Ready will host an organizational meeting on Tuesday, May 6 in Aurora.

(Aurora, Ind.) – A new group encourages southeast Indiana women to take control of their family’s safety by arming themselves with a gun.

Aurora residents Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby are behind the Women Armed and Ready group, or WAR. Couch says WAR’s motto is “Because a cop won’t fit in your purse.” It’s mission is to create awareness that women can protect themselves.

Couch, who is the proprietor of Panama Pete’s Tanning Spa and Broadway Salon in Aurora, says she has steadily seen crime increase in her hometown. It’s hit home for her not just once, but twice.

“My home was broken into a few years back. The business was hit by a couple guys after that. I got my concealed carry permit following the break-ins,” Couch says, adding that she now carries at all times.

“It’s like American Express. I don’t leave home without it.”

Couch and friend Robin Willoughby, owner of Big Daddy’s BBQ next door to the tanning spa, decided to go from being licensed carriers to taking the message of personal protection to other women after a recent suspected burglary at Willoughby’s restaurant.

WAR will offer training to women who range from a firearm-carrying veteran to those who are curious about carrying protection. The training will be offered by retired police officers.

“If you have to shoot someone to protect yourself and your family, that’s what you got to do,” says Couch.

An open organizational meeting will be held Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00 p.m. at Big Daddy’s Barbecue, 311 Broadway Street, in Aurora. Couch says women and men alike are welcome to attend, ask questions, and offer up ideas on what they would like to see from WAR. Updates on the event are being shared on Facebook.

Coach says WAR has the backing of local police and the sheriff’s department.


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