Police Continue Tax Scam Warnings

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Council Bluffs, IA) -- Taxpayers are being warned again about several ongoing tax-scams. The IRS filing deadline is looming and police say there is one scam that continues to victimize taxpayers who have yet to file. In that scam, a bogus email asks tax professionals and preparers to update their IRS e-services portal information. The…

Average MLB Ticket Price Up 3.3-Percent From 2014

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Undated) -- Major League Baseball fans are paying more than ever to attend games. According to Team Marketing Report, the average ticket price is up 3.3-percent from 2014 to just under 29-dollars. The Boston Red Sox did not increase prices this season, but still have the highest average ticket cost at more than 52-dollars. With…

“Consumer Reports” Ranks Customer Satisfaction At Supermarkets

Posted On April 05, 2015

(Undated) -- Unhappy with your grocery store? You're not alone. A new customer satisfaction survey by "Consumer Reports" shows that about 60-percent of shoppers are satisfied with the quality of poultry and meat at their usual supermarket. About half like their store's bakery products and prepared foods. The stores that got the best scores overall…

Former Hooters Waitress Awarded $250K In Discrimination Case

Posted On April 05, 2015

(Baltimore, MD) -- A former African-American waitress at a Hooters in Baltimore is being awarded 250-thousand dollars for discrimination by the restaurant's manager and the chain. Farryn Johnson took legal action after being told by her Hooters manager she couldn't work with blonde highlights in her hair because "black people don't have blonde hair." She…

NC Senator Proposes Measure To Provide Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Posted On April 05, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- A North Carolina senator wants our government, businesses and citizens to be better protected from cyber attacks. In the Republican weekly address, Senator Richard Burr says all kinds of personal information can be accessed when one of these attacks happens.   He adds that computer hacking also has a real impact on…

  • Pet Patrol

    Lost Dog

    Posted on May 26, 2015
    Location: Greendale, IN

    Lost dog. AJ is a large male dog that looks…