Fed Reserve Stops Bond Purchases, Milestone In Economic Recovery

Posted On October 29, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- The Federal Reserve is ending bond purchases. The bonds helped support the nation's financial growth since the 2008 economic crisis. Ending bond purchases signifies a milestone in the country's recovery. After wrapping up two days of meetings earlier, the Federal Reserve vowed they would keep the short-term interest rate near zero for…

Uber Delivers Kittens On Demand In Seven Cities

Posted On October 29, 2014

(Undated) -- Today is National Cat Day and Uberkittens is once again being offered to Uber users. The San Francisco-based ridesharing service is teaming up with Cheezburger and the ASPCA to bring kittens to its users. People in Austin, Texas; Chicago; Washington, DC; New York; Phoenix; San Francisco and Seattle may open the Uber app…

Despite Drought, California’s Grape Harvest Is Third-Biggest

Posted On October 29, 2014

(Sonoma County, CA) -- Despite California's drought, the 2014 wine grape harvest is adding up to just under four-million tons. That's the third-biggest wine grape crop ever. The state's largest harvest was 2012's more than four-million tons. Members of The Wine Institute say that wine grapes can actually withstand drought for several years and use…

Tax Regulations Making Americans Renounce Citizenship

Posted On October 29, 2014

(Undated) -- Some U.S. citizens are becoming so overwhelmed by the IRS, they're renouncing their citizenship. According to new data from the Treasury Department, more than two-thousand Americans have renounced their citizenship this year. Experts such as American Citizens Abroad are calling it a side-effect of new tax regulations such as the Foreign Account Tax…

McDonald’s New Slogan Off To Rocky Start

Posted On October 29, 2014

(Oak Brook, IL) -- McDonald's is planning to roll out a new slogan, and it's already generating some serious blowback on social media. The slogan "Lovin' Beats Hatin" is set to rollout in January. Response on Twitter ranges from "I don't see this ending well" to "this narrowly beat out the other choice: you're still…