Google Pulls Support Of Conservative Group Over Climate Change Lies

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Mountain View, CA) -- The debate over climate change is causing Google to cut its support of a conservative political group. Google says it believes the American Legislative Exchange Council is lying about climate change. The ALEC is a lobbying group, and they are currently proposing legislation that would roll back government mandates for greater…

BlackBerry Passport Hits Stores Tomorrow

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Ontario, Canada) -- BlackBerry is still in the phone game. Hot on the heels of the new iPhone, the company is releasing its new Passport in the U.S. tomorrow. The phone is has a four-and-a-half-inch square screen, instead of the standard rectangular one, and has both a physical keyboard and touchscreen. The 599-dollar BlackBerry Passport…

Reports of iPhone 6 Plus Bending Out Of Shape

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Undated) -- The new iPhone 6 Plus is larger, but thinner, and that has some customers getting bent out of shape. Reports are starting to emerge of iPhone 6 Plus owners who have moved or just simply sat with the iPhone 6 Plus in their pockets for hours at a time, resulting in a bend…

Spirit Airlines Adding Holiday Luggage Fee

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Miramar, FL) -- Spirit Airlines is adding a new fee, on top of an already-established fee, just in time for the holidays. The airline normally charges 40 dollars for the first checked bag. That fee is now an extra two dollars a bag for those flying from the peak holiday period of December 18th to…

Apple CEO: Battling Global Warming A “Core Value”

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Undated) -- Apple CEO Tim Cook says the electronics giant sees taking on global warming as a "core value" of the company. Cook spoke to a group of business executives and political leaders in New York City on Monday. Cook said no one wants the planet to continue to go in the wrong direction. He…