U.S. Retail Sales Rise Modestly

Posted On July 15, 2014

(Undated) -- U.S. retail sales suggest the economy is still on solid ground. Retail sales were up two tenths of a percent in June. That may not sound like much, but retail sales only account for about a third of total consumer spending. The remaining so-called core sales actually showed a gain of six tenths…

JPMorgan Chase Beats Earnings Even With Hefty Legal Expense

Posted On July 15, 2014

(Undated) -- JPMorgan Chase is beating earnings expectations, even with its half-a-billion-dollar legal expense in the second quarter. The banking giant reported earnings per share of one-dollar-59-cents today, beating analysts' expectations of one-dollar-31-cents. Its second quarter revenue was more than 25-billion dollars. On the negative side, the bank's mortgage applications plummeted by 54-percent in the…

Novartis And Google Developing Smart Contact Lens

Posted On July 15, 2014

(Undated) -- Google and Novartis are developing a smart contact lens that monitors blood sugar levels and corrects vision. Both companies announced the joint venture on Monday. The smart lenses are part of a growing number of wearable technology devices used to monitor health and fitness. The electronics in the smart contact lenses are reportedly…

F-35 Grounding Order Lifted

Posted On July 15, 2014

(Undated) -- A grounding order for F-35 fighter jets is reportedly being lifted. Sources claim that U.S. military officials cancelled a grounding order today for the entire fleet of the Lockheed Martin jets. But the military will reportedly maintain some operating restrictions on the F-35 because of an ongoing investigation into a massive engine failure…

Bombing Victim Allegedly Mistreated At T.J. Maxx Store

Posted On July 15, 2014

(Nashua, NH) -- A Boston Marathon bombing survivor is speaking out about her alleged mistreatment at a New Hampshire clothing store. Sydney Corcoran says she was told last Thursday to either put her service dog Koda in a cart or get out of a T.J. Maxx outlet in Nashua. WCVB-TV reports the 19-year-old Corcoran was…