Stocks Mixed Day After Fed Announcement

Posted On March 19, 2015

(New York, NY) -- Stocks closed mostly flat a day after the Fed left the door open for an interest rate hike in June. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gave back some of Wednesday's gains, losing 117 points to close at 17-959. The Nasdaq got a nine-point bump to 49-92, but the S&P 500 lost ten…

Target To Settle Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Posted On March 19, 2015

(Minneapolis, MN) -- The data breach that affected up to 110-million customers at Target could be headed for a settlement. CBS News says Target will offer ten-million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit over the 2013 data breach. The offer would create a fund that would pay affected consumers up to ten-thousand dollars per…

Survey Ranks America’s Favorite Credit Cards

Posted On March 19, 2015

(Undated) -- Discover and American Express are tops when it comes to customer satisfaction of the biggest credit cards. That's the bottom line of a new survey by Credio. The personal finance website gives Discover a slightly higher score based on factors that include customer service, fees and rewards and benefits. Barclaycard, U.S. Bank and…

Google, Intel Partner With Swiss Watchmaker

Posted On March 19, 2015

(Undated) -- Google and Intel are partnering with a Swiss watchmaker to make a luxury smartwatch. TAG Heuer announced the partnership today in a move that challenges Apple's entry into the smartwatch market. The Swiss watchmaker will handle production, with Intel providing the chip and Google lending its Android software. One Google executive said the…

Musk Says Technology Way Ahead Of Auto Industry

Posted On March 19, 2015

(San Jose, CA) -- Tesla CEO Elon Musk says it isn't technology that's holding back the self-driving car, but the auto industry. Speaking at a conference in San Jose, California yesterday, Musk said the technology is already well on its way. Musk noted one of the biggest technical challenges for the development of self driving…

  • Swap Shop

    Large Cedar Play Set w swings, 2 slides, clubhouse

    Posted on March 29, 2015
    Location: L\'burg, Bright, IN

    Large Cedar Wood Play Set with 2 swings, 2 slides…

  • Pet Patrol

    Found dog

    Posted on March 27, 2015
    Location: Moore\'s Hill, Indiana

    Found white dog with a collar but no tags. Dog…