Citigroup Settles Mortgage Securities Fraud Case

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Citigroup is settling with the Justice Department to the tune of seven-billion dollars over claims it sold bad mortgage-backed securities that helped fuel the 2008 financial crisis. Attorney General Eric Holder said earlier today that Citi's actions helped prompt a massive "ripple effect" that led to the global recession. The massive settlement…

Trump Plaza To Announce Closing

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Atlantic City, NJ) -- A fixture on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for more than two decades will announce its closure today. Trump Plaza is expected to announce it will cease operations and lay off workers in September. The news comes just weeks after the Showboat Casino Hotel announced it would cease operations at the end…

iPad Use May Cause Nickel Allergy Reactions In Kids

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Undated) -- Children who use iPads could get a rash if they happen to be allergic to nickel. Dermatologists think the devices may be the reason they're seeing more cases of contact dermatitis in kids. Pediatricians recommend parents either choose a metal-free cover or case when buying an iPad, or apply duct tape so there's…

Some Facebook Users Think Spielberg Poached A Dinosaur

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Undated) -- Some outraged Facebook users are calling Steven Spielberg a dinosaur poacher. It started when someone posted a satirical picture of the famed "Jurassic Park" director sitting in front of a mechanical Triceratops. The photo was meant to poke fun at the recent controversy surrounding a Texas teen who liked to post pictures of…

Citigroup, Justice Department To Announce $7-Billion Settlement

Posted On July 14, 2014

(Undated) -- Citigroup is going to pay seven-billion dollars to settle with the Justice Department for selling bad mortgage-backed securities that help fuel the 2008 financial crisis. A government official says the bank and the Justice Department will announce the settlement today. Federal investigators have been looking into Citi's role in creating the housing bubble…