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Deadly NJ Bear Attack First In More Than 150 Years

Posted On September 23, 2014

(West Milford, NJ) -- The deadly black bear attack on a Rutgers University student is the first recorded in New Jersey in more than 150 years. A Department of Environmental Protection spokesman says the 300-pound bear refused to leave Darsh Patel's body. Patel was hiking with four friends near West Milford on Sunday when he…

Florida Police Release 9-1-1 Calls In Family Murder Suicide

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Bell, FL) -- Investigators in North Florida are releasing tapes of the 9-1-1 call made by the man who murdered his daughter and her six children. Don Spirit called 9-1-1 last Thursday afternoon and investigators are still trying to find out why he carried out the murder-suicide that left eight people dead. On Monday, Florida's…

White Tiger Mauls Zoo Visitor To Death In India

Posted On September 23, 2014

(New Delhi) -- A young man is dead after he was mauled by a white tiger at a New Delhi zoo. Police say the attack occurred around lunchtime Tuesday after the visitor jumped into the tiger's enclosure. The victim was reportedly a 19 or 20-year-old man from New Delhi. A cellphone video played on local…

Gunman Opens Fire Inside AL UPS Customer Center, 3 Dead

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Birmingham, AL) -- Three people are dead in the wake of a shooting at a UPS Customer Center in Alabama. Authorities say the gunman is among the dead and all of the victims were UPS employees. The shooting took place this morning in the north Birmingham neighborhood of Inglenook. No word yet on a motive.

CDC Makes Dire Prediction On Ebola Crisis

Posted On September 23, 2014

(Undated) -- Ebola could infect one-point-four million people in two countries in as little as four months. A new report by the Centers for Disease Control says Liberia and Sierra Leone could have 21-thousand cases by the end of this month if the disease stays on the current path. The World Health Organization estimates the…