National News

Report: Hillary Clinton Could Delay Campaign

Posted On January 29, 2015

(Undated) -- Hillary Clinton may delay her campaign for president. Top Democrats have told "Politico" that, with no major challenger for her party's nomination, the former secretary of state might postpone the start of her campaign from April until July. That would give her more time to develop her message, policy and organization. Meanwhile, the…

A Thousand Possibly Exposed To Measles In Arizona

Posted On January 29, 2015

(Phoenix, AZ) -- Arizona is trying to prevent a measles outbreak. Up to a thousand people in three Arizona counties may have been exposed to the measles. State health officials have confirmed seven cases of measles in Pinal, Gila and Maricopa counties. They're asking people who think they may have come in contact with the…

TracFone To Pay $40 Million Settlement For Data-Throttling

Posted On January 29, 2015

(Undated) -- TracFone Wireless is agreeing to pay a 40-million dollar settlement over data-throttling charges. The FTC announced yesterday that the company would pay the settlement for throttling or disconnecting millions of customers who used too much data. The FTC had found that TracFone wasn't throttling data for technical reasons but rather to reduce costs.…

Study: Placebo Effectiveness Depends On Perceived Price

Posted On January 29, 2015

(Undated) -- A placebo might be more effective if the person taking it thinks it's expensive. That's according to a study by the American Academy of Neurology, which found that patients who thought their placebo was costly were more affected by it. Both "drugs" were simple saline shots given to people with Parkinson's disease. Researchers…

CDC Installs Cameras In Labs

Posted On January 29, 2015

(Atlanta, GA) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now has cameras in its most dangerous labs. The government agency with the task of preventing outbreaks of disease has installed 67 cameras in its highest-level bio-safety labs, to monitor employees after a recent series of mishaps. Last month, a lab employee accidentally worked with…