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Obama Defends Sweeping Executive Action On Immigration

Posted On November 20, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- President Obama is poised to issue a sweeping executive order on immigration. Addressing the nation from the White House, the President said the U.S. immigration system is broken and must be repaired.   The executive order marks the most dramatic shift in U.S. immigration policy in decades. He said it will help…

Obama Defends Executive Order On Immigration

Posted On November 20, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Speaking to the nation tonight, President Obama will defend his pending executive order on immigration. In excerpts provided by the White House, Obama calls his actions lawful and says every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has issued executive orders on immigration. Obama will flatly deny that what he is doing is "amnesty."…

U.S. Releases Five Detainees From Gitmo

Posted On November 20, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- U.S. officials say five detainees have been released from the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Three of them are being sent to the Republic of Georgia and two are headed to Slovakia. A Pentagon spokesman said the five were determined to no longer be a significant threat to the United States.…

Expert Criticizes Black Friday Coinciding With Thanksgiving

Posted On November 20, 2014

(Undated) -- Black Friday shopping starts on Thanksgiving this year, and one psychology expert has issues with that. Dr. Frieda Birnbaum is a New York-based expert on depression and says there's too much stress involved with the two events happening on the same day.   Dr. Birnbaum calls the growing trend of stores opening on…

UC Regents Pass Huge Tuition Hike

Posted On November 20, 2014

(San Francisco, CA) -- Despite opposition from Governor Jerry Brown and other state leaders, the University of California Board Of Regents have adopted a substantial raise in tuition. The panel agreed Thursday with UC President Janet Napolitano's proposal to raise tuition by as much as five-percent per year for the next five years. Napolitano claims…