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Report: Hillary Clinton May Have Broken Email Rules

Posted On March 03, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The State Department says Hillary Clinton may have broken some email rules as Secretary of State. "The New York Times" reports Clinton "exclusively used a personal email account" to conduct government business. That means the messages were not saved on government servers and that would be violate the Federal Records Act. The…

Obama: Iran Nuke Deal Not Likely

Posted On March 03, 2015

(Undated) -- President Obama says the odds are against negotiations to limit Iran's nuclear program being successful. Obama said Monday there's less than a 50-percent chance of a deal. Obama says Iran must agree to a ten-year freeze on sensitive nuclear activity for the U.S. to sign off on a deal. He also says it…

Netanyahu Makes Speech To Congress Today

Posted On March 03, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making his much anticipated and controversial speech before Congress today. He says despite the politics surrounding his visit, Israel's ties to the U.S. are as solid as ever.   House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak before Congress about the urgency of keeping Iran from…

GA Execution Postponed

Posted On March 03, 2015

(Jackson, GA) -- Georgia is again postponing the execution of the state's only female death row inmate. Prison officials put Kelly Gissendaner's execution on hold Monday night out of concern about the quality of the lethal drugs used. Gissendaner's original execution date of last Wednesday was rescheduled to Monday evening because of winter weather conditions…

U.S. Conducts Air Strikes Against ISIS

Posted On March 02, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The U.S. and its coalition partners are carrying out more airstrikes on ISIS targets. According to U.S. officials four strikes were conducted against ISIS in Syria and five were conducted in Iraq. The Combined Joint Task Force says on strike hit a crude oil collection point and others destroyed a bunker, vehicle…