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API Weighs In On Senate Failure To Advance Keystone Bill

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- After more than a week of debate, the Keystone XL Pipeline bill remains bogged down in the Senate. Cindy Shild with the American Petroleum Institute says the measure failed to make it to the floor for a final vote because of "a boat load" of amendments.   Shild says supporters are hoping…

FL Woman Jailed For Firing Warning Shot Released

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Jacksonville, FL) -- Marissa Alexander is just beginning a two-year sentence of house arrest after she was released from jail Tuesday under a plea deal with prosecutors. The Florida mother served three years behind bars for firing a warning shot in her home in 2010 to ward off her abusive husband. Originally sentenced to 20…

State Department Condemns Hezbollah Attack

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The State Department says it strongly condemns Hezbollah's rocket attack that killed two Israeli soldiers today on the border with Lebanon.   State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said during her Wednesday briefing that the U.S. is watching the situation closely but called on parties involved to refrain from activities that would escalate…

White House Wants Homeland Security Funded

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- White House spokesman Eric Schultz is pushing Congress for a "clean" bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for another year.   DHS money runs out next month. Congressional Republicans held DHS back from a full government budget bill in the ongoing fight over immigration. Schultz noted that President Obama would veto…

Fed To Remain “Patient” On Raising Rates

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The Federal Reserve is leaving short-term interest rates unchanged at near zero for now, saying it's best to remain "patient" on any potential increase. The Federal Open Market Committee was not expected to make any significant announcements regarding the timing of an interest-rate increase today. The committee continues to asses the impact…

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    A BIG THANK YOU to Eagle Country Listeners!

    Posted on January 29, 2015

    Finally after over 2 weeks being gone our male german…