Jerrod Niemann Appreciates All His Fans' Support

(Nashville, TN) -- Jerrod Niemann has a top 20 hit with his latest single, "Drink To That All Night," but he's not taking credit for the success. The country star says it's because of his fans that his song is doing so well.

Niemann adds that he couldn't be more grateful for the support he's received from his fans over the past few years. The singer says he'd like to thank each of his fans personally with "a high-five or a hug -- whatever they want" when he's on tour this year. Jerrod explains that he doesn't take their support for granted, and he intends to do everything he can to "never let 'em down." "Drink To That All Night" is the first single from Niemann's next album, "High Noon," which will be in stores on March 25th.

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Jerrod Niemann says on his tour this year he wants to show each fan individually just how much he values their support.
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