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Report: China Buys More iPhones Than U.S.

Posted On January 26, 2015

(Cupertino, CA) -- Turns out people in China are buying more iPhones than people here in the United States. The "Financial Times" says 36-percent of shipments are sent to China, compared to 24-percent to the United States. Last year, China had only 22-percent. Apple's China sales rose when it partnered with the country's largest network…

10 Dead After F-16 Crash In Spain

Posted On January 26, 2015

(Spain) -- Ten people are dead after a fighter jet crashed at a military base in Spain today. Officials say a Greek F-16 jet crashed and exploded shortly after takeoff during a NATO training exercise. Another 13 people have been injured.

Large Asteroid Flying By Earth Today

Posted On January 26, 2015

(Undated) -- A large asteroid stretching about a third of a mile in size is passing by the Earth today. Asteroid 2004 BL-86 will come within 745-thousand miles from Earth. That's about three times as far away as the moon. The asteroid will be visible with a strong pair of binoculars or backyard telescope. You…

Prosecutor Seeks 26-Year Jail Sentence For Concordia Captain

Posted On January 26, 2015

(Florence, IT) -- An Italian prosecutor wants the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise liner to be sentenced to over two and half decades in prison. Prosecutor Maria Navarro is accusing captain Francesco Schettino of manslaughter, abandoning the ship and false testimony. Schettino was head of the ocean liner when it ran aground back in…

Anglican Church Consecrates First Female Bishop

Posted On January 26, 2015

(York) -- The Anglican Church's first female bishop has been consecrated. During today's service at York Minster, an opponent of the move made his feelings clear.   Reverend Libby Lane becomes the Bishop of Stockport. It follows the formal adoption by the church in November of legislation to allow women bishops despite remaining divisions in…