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Turkey Secures Release Of 49 Hostages From ISIS

Posted On September 20, 2014

(Istanbul) -- Nearly 50 hostages held for months by ISIS militants are safely back home in Turkey. Turkish officials say the captives were freed in a covert rescue operation. Few details of the operation are being released but the government said no ransoms were paid. The 49 hostages were abducted from a Turkish consulate in…

Obama Signs Bill Arming Syrian Rebels

Posted On September 19, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Legislation arming Syrian rebels for the fight against ISIS is in the books. President Obama signed the measure which spends about half a billion dollars to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels. It is part of a broader bill extending government funding until December 11th. The government faced the prospect of running…

WH Spokesman: No Word On U.S. Airstrikes In Syria

Posted On September 19, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the Obama administration won't give much in the way of details when and if the United States launches airstrikes against ISIS targets inside Syria.   In a White House briefing Friday, Earnest said broadening the air campaign is in the best interests of U.S. national security.…

Kerry: Comprehensive Global Campaign Needed To Defeat ISIS

Posted On September 19, 2014

(United Nations) -- Secretary of State John Kerry insists it will take a comprehensive global campaign to defeat ISIS. Chairing a UN Security Council meeting, Kerry said more than 50 nations have pledged to join the growing international coalition that aims to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS. Kerry said it is time to put an…

Rice: It Will Take Months To Train Syrian Rebels

Posted On September 19, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- National Security Adviser Susan Rice says it will take months to train up to five-thousand Syrian rebels for the fight against ISIS. This, after Congress authorized the arming and training of moderate Syrian rebels this week.   In a White House briefing, Rice praised France for joining U.S. airstrikes against ISIS targets…