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Pentagon: ISIS Strategy Is Working

Posted On October 24, 2014

(Arlington, VA) -- Pentagon spokesman John Kirby is insisting that the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS is working. However, he is repeating warnings that it will take a long time to degrade and defeat the terrorist group. In a Pentagon briefing Friday, Admiral Kirby brushed off critics and said the military strategy is working. He also…

Queen Elizabeth Sends Her First Tweet

Posted On October 24, 2014

(London) -- England's Queen Elizabeth is entering the world of social media. The 88-year-old British monarch sent her very first tweet today to mark the opening of an Information Age exhibition at London's Science Museum. She used the official Twitter account of Buckingham Palace to send out her tweet. The museum's director had invited Queen…

Canadian Gunman Applied For Passport, Wanted To Go To Syria

Posted On October 24, 2014

(Ottawa, ON) -- Canadian authorities say the suspected Ottawa gunman had applied for a passport because he planned to go to Syria. Investigators also are looking into how Michael Zehaf-Bibeau obtained a gun since he had a criminal record. A U.S. official revealed he had recently converted to Islam.

U.S. Studying Claims Militants Used Chlorine Gas In Iraq

Posted On October 24, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- U.S. officials say they are studying claims that ISIS militants may have used a chemical weapon against Iraqi police officers. A spokesperson for the National Security Council says they are looking into a report by the Iraqi Defense Ministry that ISIS forces used chlorine gas in an attack last month. It is…

French Airstrikes Take Out 12 ISIS Buildings In Iraq

Posted On October 24, 2014

(Paris) -- The head of France's armed forces says planes from his country have taken out 12 ISIS targets in Iraq. French jets dropped 70 bombs on the 12 buildings, destroying an arsenal of weapons controlled by ISIS. France declined to say where the targets were located inside Iraq.