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State Dept.: No Plans To Evacuate Americans In Yemen

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- State Department spokesperson Marie Harf says there are no plans to evacuate Americans from Yemen. She said the administration continues to evaluate the situation in the war-torn nation. She added the department has sent out emergency messages to U.S. citizens in Yemen alerting them to opportunities on leaving the country. She said…

Energy Secretary: Iran Duke Deal Is A ‘Forever Agreement’

Posted On April 06, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The White House is getting help from the U.S. Department of Energy to sell the controversial nuclear deal with Iran.   Department Secretary Ernest Moniz led off today's White House briefing to explain some of the deal's particulars. He said if Iran denies access to their reactors by inspectors, that would be…

Police Arrest Two British Terror Teens

Posted On April 06, 2015

(London) -- Police in Manchester, England have arrested two teens on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism. From London, Catherine Drew reports.   Play Clip

Obama: U.S. Power Will Work If Diplomacy Fails

Posted On April 05, 2015

(New York, NY) -- President Obama says America will still win any conflict with Cuba or Iran if diplomatic efforts fail. In an interview published Sunday in the "New York Times," the President says the U.S. is "powerful enough to be able to test" diplomacy to resolve decades-long standoffs in those two countries and others.…

Corker: Congress Can Strengthen Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted On April 05, 2015

(Nashville, TN) -- The chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee wants to hear Congress' input on the President's nuclear deal with Iran. On "Fox News Sunday," Senator Bob Corker said sanctions Congress put in place brought Iran to the negotiating table, and lawmakers can do more to strengthen the deal. The Tennessee Republican said…

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    Lost dog. AJ is a large male dog that looks…