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British PM Cameron Begs Scots Not To Break Up “Family Of Nations”

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Undated) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron is begging Scottish voters not to break up what he calls the United Kingdom's family of nations. Cameron campaigned in Scotland Wednesday, eight days before Scots vote on a referendum for independence. Cameron hoped to appeal to Scots' hearts by reminding them of their shared history with England,…

Ukraine President Offers “Special Status” to Pro-Russia Regions

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Moscow) -- Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has offered "special status" to pro-Russian militant controlled regions in the east of the country. However, the regions' self-declared leaders rejected the offer, saying they want only to break away from Ukraine. Tom Barton reports.   Play Clip

Attorney: Woman Who Pleaded Guilty To Terror Charge Was Led Astray

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Denver, CO) -- The attorney for a Colorado woman accused of helping the terrorist group ISIS says she was led astray, and didn't realize how violent the group was.   Shannon Conley pleaded guilty to a terror charge in Denver's U.S. District Court yesterday. She had been arrested at Denver International Airport months ago, while…

ISS Crew Returns To Earth

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Undated) -- Three astronauts, including one American, are back on Earth after six months in space on board the International Space Station.   The parachute-assisted landing took place right on schedule Thursday morning in Kazakhastan. The three men have been on the ISS since March. Their departure will leave one Russian, an American, and a…

UN Panel Says Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Getting Better

Posted On September 11, 2014

(Undated) -- The Earth's ozone layer is getting thicker. A finding by a UN environmental group Wednesday says the ozone is showing its first sign of thickening after years of dangerous depletion. Those conducting the study cite a 1987 ban on man-made gases as the reason for the ozone layer's success. Environmental groups claim rising…