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U.S. Navy Ship Steaming To Black Sea

Posted On April 09, 2014

(Undated) -- A U.S. Navy warship is steaming to the Black Sea. The guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook is scheduled to enter the Black Sea no later than Thursday. It's part of the latest American show of military support for Eastern European allies worried about Russia's troop buildup along its border with Ukraine. U.S.…

More Pings Detected In Search For Missing Malaysian Pane.

Posted On April 09, 2014

(Perth) -- Australian authorities say they have detected more electronic signals that may be from the black box on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.   Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston says the latest pings are in the same area where signals were picked up a few days ago. The search team leader said the…

Baby In Pakistan Charged With Murder

Posted On April 08, 2014

(Lahore) -- A nine-month-old baby boy in Pakistan is being charged with murder. Authorities say the baby along with his father and grandfather were charged with attempted murder because they were part of a mob that stoned police and gas company workers trying to collect overdue bills. In an attempt to protect the baby, relatives…

Report: North Korean Official Executed By Flamethrower

Posted On April 08, 2014

(Undated) -- Reports of executions in North Korea are common, but now there's word a loyalist to Kim Jong Un's uncle has been executed by flamethrower. A South Korean newspaper reports the execution was part of another purge of supporters to the uncle, who was executed in December. The report says the official executed by…

McCain: U.S. Must Support Ukrainian Military

Posted On April 08, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Arizona's senior senator is urging the administration to support Ukraine's military. Republican John McCain says it's the morally-right thing to do.   Russia is warning Ukraine there will be civil war if any force is used in Ukraine's eastern region. The Ukraine government is struggling to regain control after uprisings in three…