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Israel Vows Crackdown After Palestinian Car Attack

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Jerusalem) -- Israel's top man is talking tough after a Palestinian man drove his speeding car into a crowd of pedestrians, leaving a baby dead and six other people hurt. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that any attempt to harm Israelis will be met with "the harshest response." Wednesday's crash in east Jerusalem ended with…

Treasury: ISIS Earns Millions From Oil, Ransoms

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- U.S. Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen says ISIS earns about one-million dollars a day through the sale of smuggled oil.   Another 20-million has been earned this year in kidnappings-for-ransom. In a White House briefing, Cohen said the U.S. and partners are actively going after ISIS revenue sources, including "external funding networks." He…

North Korea Closes Borders Due To Ebola Threat

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Beijing) -- Fears on Ebola have led to the closing of North Korea's borders. That word comes from travel companies based in China who were notified of the ban today. Most of North Korea's visitors come from China. Only a few thousand western tourists travel to the reclusive communist nation each year.

Parliament Sgt-At-Arms Hailed As Hero In Ottawa Shootings

Posted On October 23, 2014

{Ottawa1023Ovation1_1} Q...(applause fades) 000:15 (Ottawa) -- The sergeant-at-arms of Canada's Parliament who's credited with killing a gunman inside the building yesterday is being hailed as a hero. At the opening of Parliament this morning, Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers was treated to a lengthy ovation. Vickers is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The…

Canada Eyes Tougher Anti-Terror Measures

Posted On October 23, 2014

(Ottawa) -- Things are much calmer today in the Canadian capital just one day after a devastating attack on Parliament brought much of Ottawa to a standstill.  A gunman killed a soldier guarding Canada's War Memorial before entering the halls of Parliament, where he was shot and killed.  Lawmakers are expected today to introduce legislation…