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Report: U.S. Troops Will Be Deployed To Poland

Posted On April 19, 2014

(Undated) -- The U.S. could soon be taking steps to head off any future aggression by Russian forces in eastern Europe. Poland's Minister of Defense told the "Washington Post" to expect an announcement next week of U.S. soldiers being deployed to his country. The move would be part of an effort to strengthen NATO's presence…

Death Toll In South Korean Ferry Disaster Rises

Posted On April 19, 2014

(Undated) -- Families of people trapped on a sunken South Korean ferry are calling for the boat to be raised so bodies can be recovered. More bodies have been found today, pushing the death toll to at least 32 with around 270 still missing. The ship's captain and two crew members remain under arrest, with…

Divers Find Bodies In Sunken Ferry

Posted On April 18, 2014

(Seoul) -- Divers are entering the sunken South Korean ferry expecting to find more victims of the tragedy. The coast guard says divers saw three bodies floating through a window of a cabin of the capsized ship, but were unable to retrieve them. More than 25 people are confirmed dead and more than 250 others…

SpaceX Launched Falcon Rocket To ISS

Posted On April 18, 2014

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- Fresh supplies are now on their way to the International Space Station. A SpaceX rocket carrying the Dragon capsule successfully launched from Cape Canaveral this afternoon. Storms over Florida cleared just in time to allow for the Falcon's on-time liftoff. Dragon will spend two days in orbit before a rendezvous and…

Captain Of Sunken Ferry Arrested

Posted On April 18, 2014

(Seoul) -- The captain of a ferry that capsized in South Korea is under arrest. There are serious questions about who was at the helm of the ship when it started taking on water with hundreds of people on board. Reports out of South Korea indicate the vessel has sunk. More than 25 people are…