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U.S. Veteran Joins Ground War Against ISIS

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Erbil, Iraq) -- At least one U.S. veteran is joining with Kurdish fighters to battle ISIS in Iraq and Syria.   Jeremy Woodard of Meridian, Mississippi told CBS News he's taken part in several battles against ISIS militants. Woodard served in the U.S. military until 2012, and did tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He…

Hong Kong Leader Claims Outside Groups Involved In Protests

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Hong Kong) -- Hong Kong's chief executive is claiming groups from outside the city are involved in its ongoing pro-democracy protests. During an interview Sunday, C.Y. Leung said the protests are now beyond the control of the people who started them nearly a month ago. Authorities say about 250 people were injured in weekend clashes…

Air-Dropped U.S. Weapons, Ammunition Reach Kobani

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Undated) -- A large quantity of U.S.-supplied weapons and ammunition is now in the key Syrian border town of Kobani. Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby stressed the supplies sent were arms, not food and water.   A spokesman for Kurdish forces fighting ISIS militants in and around the town tweeted that message early today.…

Cardinal Dolan: Pope’s Actions Reminiscent Of Jesus

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Rome) -- A top Catholic leader in America is praising Pope Francis for making the church more inclusive. On ABC's "This Week," Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York compared the Pope's question last week of whether Catholics should accept gays to something Jesus might do. In Rome, bishops met for the past two weeks about…

Local Liberians Feel Stigmatized

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Sacramento, CA) -- Some Liberians trying to help those affected by Ebola in West Africa say they're feeling stigmatized because of their connection with the area. Pastor Tim Wulah, of the Friends In Jesus International Church in Sacramento worries the attention his congregation has received could turn its members into targets of discrimination.   Several…