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Pope Talks Of Christian Persecution In Good Friday Services

Posted On April 03, 2015

(Rome) -- Pope Francis is speaking out about the modern day persecution of Christians. The Pope presided over two Good Friday services the day after Islamist terrorists targeted Christians during an attack at a University in Kenya. Following the traditional Way of the Cross procession to the Colosseum in Rome, Francis spoke in a somber…

France Moves To Ban Anorexic Models

Posted On April 03, 2015

(Paris) -- France is trying to ban anorexic models. The country's parliament took another step today towards a vote on the amendment, which cracks down on the glorification of dangerously thin women. The law would ban anyone with a body mass index below a certain threshold to earn money as a model. That exact number…

State Department: Transparency A Must In Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted On April 03, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The State Department says Iran will have to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities or face the revival of sanctions. Spokeswoman Marie Harf said during today's daily briefing that transparency would be mandatory.   She added that international inspectors would have a process to gain access to facilities even if Iran initially…

Pasta-Loving Pope Packing On Pounds

Posted On April 03, 2015

(Undated) -- Pope Francis' robes are fitting a little tight around the middle. Reports today indicate the pasta-loving Pope has been told to cut down and exercise more. Yesterday, the 78-year-old spoke about feeling weary as the Catholic church approaches its hectic Easter season. Pope Francis is visibly chubbier since his days in Argentina, where…

Philadelphia Woman Charged With ISIS Link

Posted On April 03, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- A Philadelphia woman is being charged with trying to provide material support to ISIS. The Justice Department says Keonna Thomas intended to fly overseas to join and fight with ISIS and was willing to die as a martyr. A criminal complaint alleges that Thomas engaged in electronic communications with an ISIS recruiter…

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