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White House Won’t Confirm Reports Of Possible Emergency Airdrops In Iraq

Posted On August 07, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- White House spokesman Josh Earnest is not confirming reports that the U.S. military is considering making emergency airdrops to Iraqis who are trapped atop a mountain.   Thousands of Iraqis got stranded after fleeing a violent surge by ISIS militants in northwest Iraq. Earnest warned that a humanitarian catastrophe may be brewing…

ISIS Militants Seize Iraq’s Largest Dam

Posted On August 07, 2014

(Mosul, Iraq) -- ISIS militants are now in control of Iraq's largest dam. Residents near the dam and officials in the region told the "New York Times" that militants over-ran Kurdish security forces Thursday near the Mosul dam, which is a major supplier of water and electricity. If the dam is compromised, Mosul and surrounding…

Kaspersky Lab: Spy Agencies Hit By Cyber Espionage

Posted On August 07, 2014

(Las Vegas, NV) -- Hackers are successfully targeting spy agencies. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab say they have uncovered a cyber espionage operation that managed to penetrate two intelligence agencies along with hundreds of government and military targets in Europe and the Middle East. The Moscow-based security software maker did not name any of the targets…

Kerry Makes Unannounced Visit To Afghanistan

Posted On August 07, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Secretary of State John Kerry is in Afghanistan on an unannounced visit. Kerry is trying to ease political tensions in Afghanistan's disputed presidential election. It is also the first visit by a top member of the Obama administration since this week's killing of a U.S. Army general. Major General Harold Greene was…

Pope Francis Addresses Iraq Crisis

Posted On August 07, 2014

(Undated) -- Pope Francis is appealing to world leaders today to help end the crisis in northern Iraq. A sweeping advance by radical Islamic state militants has forced thousands of people to flee their homes. The Vatican issued a statement today calling the situation a "humanitarian tragedy" and urged the international community to take action…