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Kerry Brokers Deal To Audit Afghanistan Presidential Election

Posted On July 12, 2014

(Vienna) -- Secretary of State John Kerry says an audit of the contested Afghanistan presidential election will begin immediately. Kerry brokered the deal with both candidates agreeing to abide by the outcome to form a united national government. The agreement comes as fears that a divided country could lead to a civil war and open…

Kerry To Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Program In Vienna

Posted On July 12, 2014

(Vienna) -- U.S. officials are downplaying expectations as Secretary of State John Kerry joins talks on Iran's nuclear program in Vienna. A senior administration official described Iran's position as "inadequate" and "unworkable." Kerry is taking part in discussions with six world powers ahead of a July 20th deadline for a deal to end sanctions against…

Ukrainians: Jets Attacks Kill 1000 Pro Rebels

Posted On July 12, 2014

(Kiev) -- Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels are at odds over the death toll from two large scale attacks today. Military jets struck a rebel base and another position where separatists had launched an attack that killed 23 Ukrainian servicemen yesterday. While Ukraine estimated about 500 people were killed in each attack, rebels denied any…

Israel-Gaza Violence Escalates

Posted On July 12, 2014

(Undated) -- With no end in sight for the rocket attacks in Gaza, Israeli leaders are hinting a major ground offensive may be on the horizon. At least 125 Palestinians have been reported dead after more than 11-hundred airstrikes in the past five days. Israel and Hamas have been trading rocket and artillery fire sparked…

Gaza Officials Claim Nearly 100 Palestinians Killed In Air Strike

Posted On July 11, 2014

(Jerusalem) -- Officials in Gaza say nearly 100 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes, and Israel insists it won't bow to international pressure to end the attacks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said nothing will prevent his country from acting with all of its might to protect itself. The explosion of violence was…

  • Pet Patrol

    2 Lost Cows

    Posted on July 30, 2014
    Location: Mt. Sinai, Indiana

    2 Lost Cows in the Mt. Sinai area. Male is…