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Ohio Terror Suspect Says ISIS Deep In U.S.

Posted On March 09, 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) -- An ISIS sympathizer from Ohio says he planned to carry out atrocities in the United States in the name of the terrorist group. Christopher Cornell called a Cincinnati TV station from jail last week. Cornell told the station he planned to shoot President Obama to death, set off bombs in the Capitol…

U.S. Tourists Arrested After Carving Initials Into Colosseum

Posted On March 09, 2015

(Rome, Italy) -- Two American tourists could face a steep fine for carving their initials into a wall inside the Roman Colosseum over the weekend. The two women were seen by other tourists using a coin to put their initials on a brick in the Colosseum and were then reportedly arrested while taking a selfie…

ISIS Video Aims To Attract Deaf, Mute Recruits In Europe

Posted On March 09, 2015

(Undated) -- ISIS seems to be showing it believes in inclusiveness despite its brutal terrorist tactics. On Sunday the terrorist group released a recruitment video where two deaf and mute fighters are using sign language. The video has Arabic and English subtitles and shows the men directing traffic with rifles slung over their shoulders. A…

FBI Investigates Possible ISIS Hack Of Western Companies

Posted On March 09, 2015

(Undated) -- The FBI says ISIS could be behind the hacking of several Western websites. The attacks over the weekend hit a number of websites including a NASCAR speedway in Ohio, a New York hotel, a Goodwill in St. Louis and a church in Canada. The hacker posted an ISIS flag on the websites' home…

Report Says Cycling Governing Body Gave Armstrong Special Treatment

Posted On March 09, 2015

(Undated) -- There are new charges that bicycle racing's international governing body spent years ignoring long-standing doping problems and gave special treatment to Lance Armstrong. The report by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission says the International Cycling Union, known as the UCI, exempted the seven-time Tour de France champion from rules and publicly supported Armstrong…