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Jordanian Jets Return From Mission

Posted On February 05, 2015

(Ammam, Jordan) -- Jordanian fighter pilots are paying respect to a fellow pilot who was murdered by ISIS in January. Jordanian fighter jets flew over the hometown of the pilot after returning from a mission against ISIS on Thursday. The flyover happened while the king of Jordan was in the town visiting the pilot's family.…

Pope Orders Cooperation With Sex Abuse Commission

Posted On February 05, 2015

(Undated) -- Pope Francis is ordering bishops to cooperate with a sex abuse commission he created. The Pope sent the letter ahead of the commission's first meeting tomorrow. He set up the commission to protect children from sexual abuse by clerics. The commission reportedly asked the Pope to write the letter to thwart any resistance…

Kerry In Kiev For Talks On Arming Ukraine Forces

Posted On February 05, 2015

(Undated) -- Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kiev right now, talking about the possibility of the U.S. providing weapons for Ukraine's military. The State Department says Kerry intends to provide 16-point-four million dollars in new humanitarian aid to help civilians caught in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. However, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said…

UN Says ISIS Sells, Crucifies, Buries Children Alive

Posted On February 05, 2015

(Undated) -- A United Nations agency says ISIS is selling and crucifying Iraqi children, and burying them alive. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child said Wednesday the militant terrorist group abducts Iraqi children and sells them as sex slaves. The agency also says it's had reports of children, particularly children who are mentally…

Search And Recovery Continues In Taiwan Plane Crash

Posted On February 04, 2015

(Taiwan) -- The death toll is continuing to rise following a plane crash in Taiwan. Over 30 people are dead after a passenger plane clipped a bridge and slammed into a river earlier today. Taiwanese officials say in addition to the dead, there are at least 15 people reported injured and about a dozen unaccounted…