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Shooters Possibly Spotted, Policewoman Killed In Latest Paris Shooting

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Paris) -- The Paris gunmen might be headed back to the French capital after killing 12 people there at a satirical magazine's office. Reports indicate the brothers who allegedly attacked publication Charlie Hebdo robbed a gas station at gunpoint about 50 miles northeast of Paris before driving back toward the city. The suspects are said…

Crude Oil Prices Floating Around Bottom Of Barrel

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- Crude oil prices seem to be floating around the bottom of the barrel, but traders aren't sure where the bottom is. Brent crude prices are hovering between 51 and 52 dollars a barrel in European trading this morning. U.S. crude is running about two to three dollars lower.

North Korea Threatens US With “War Disaster” Over Sanctions

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Seoul) -- North Korea's latest threat toward the U.S. warns of "war disaster" if new sanctions aren't withdrawn. The North Korea state news agency said Thursday that the U.S. will get "a hail of bullets and shells on its own territory" if it doesn't withdraw the sanctions that were authorized last week. President Obama authorized…

Authorities Arrest 7 In Paris Mass Killing Investigation

Posted On January 08, 2015

(Undated) -- French authorities are holding seven people in the investigation into the mass killing at a Paris newspaper. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is urging the press to stay out of the investigation.   The teenager accused of driving the getaway car surrendered to police in northern France late Wednesday. A sweeping manhunt is…

American Red Cross Pressured To Reject Tobacco Money

Posted On January 08, 2015

(New York) -- The International Red Cross is leaning on the American Red Cross to stop taking money from big tobacco companies. A top official with the humanitarian network says the American Red Cross risks damaging the reputation of the global organization because it accepts donations from tobacco companies. The American Red Cross has received…